International Antarctic Expedition

Tuesday October 25, 2011

The Brave New Workshop hosted a dynamic talk on the March 2011 International Antarctic Expedition. Local member Darren McGann shared his experiences on that journey while expedition lead and environmentalist Robert Swan, OBE joined via Skype from Australia as an additional expert in this interactive, multi-media event.

McGann shared stunning photos and videos of the journey along with his observations on the experience and the environment. He noted that there is no real sound in the Antarctic, but the illusion of the sound of rolling thunder in the distance is actually an avalanche. He also explained the dryness of the Antarctic and the constant concern for water. Later in the discussion, Swan observed that “with countries like India and China, it just doesn’t matter if we get it right in Minnesota. It just doesn’t.” Furthermore, the most important thing in the leadership-sustainability issue is that you have to be able to sell it.

The Chapter thanks the Brave New Workshop for generously providing the space for this event and for engaging their online partner to broadcast the event live online. Thanks too to speakers Darren McGann and Robert Swan who provided insight into the vastness of the Antarctic. For more on this event, please see the webcast of the actual event online here.

The Brave New Workshop hosted this event at their new Experimental Thinking Center as part of BNW ’s Project 824 which reflects the company’s longstanding spirit of service and citizenship and its owners’ philanthropic commitment. As part of the initiative, the BNW offers the Experimental Thinking Center free of charge to local and global community organizations, causes, individuals and social enterprises that aim to showcase innovative ideas and contribute to humanity’s ability to solve pressing problems and create a better world.  Project 824 refers both to the physical address of the Brave New Workshop and to its bold commitment to use the space in this manner for at least 824 events.

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