Help Make the 2014 Net Impact Conference in Minneapolis The Best Yet!

As we pointed out last September:  The 2014 Net Impact Conference is coming to the Twin Cities!  That’s right, November 6-8 Minneapolis will be the center of all things sustainable business as 2,500 students and professionals come together to learn, get inspired, and motivated to make a difference.  Now is your chance to help make the conference great, and showcase what makes the Twin Cities and Minnesota sustainability leaders.  Net Impact is looking for motivated people to serve on the following task forces:

  1. Special Events Task Force MemberKeynotes-FreemanHrabowski
  2. Volunteer Management Task Force Member
  3. Twin Cities Impact Task Force Member
  4. Off-site Business Tours Task Force Member
  5. Marketing Manager

Task force members must be available to engage March – November, but get a complementary conference registration for their hard work.  More detail on each of the task forces is here.  The deadline for task force applications is this Friday, February 14.  An overview of the task forces and timelines can be found here: 2014 Task Force Description.  Task force applications are below.

  1. 2014 Net Impact Conference Special Events Task Force Application
  2. 2014 Net Impact Conference Volunteer Management Task Force Application
  3. 2014 Net Impact Conference Twin Cities Impact Task Force Application
  4. 2014 Net Impact Conference Off-Site Business Tour Application
  5. 2014 Net Impact Conference Marketing Manager Application_Partners

Please send any questions to

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