Announcing… the Net Impact Minneapolis Mentorship Program

More and more, people are seeking to use the power of the workplace to create positive impact in the world – whether formally, through a position in sustainability or corporate responsibility, or informally, by advocating for sustainability and community impact whatever one’s day job might be. So where exactly are these dream jobs, and what do they look like? What skills do you need, and what people do you need to know? And, how can we ensure that new professionals are equipped to lead the way?

The Net Impact Minneapolis Mentorship Program will connect emerging leaders with experienced professionals who are creating transformational change through their work – providing participants with valuable career advice, a greater professional network, and insider insight on what they will need to achieve success on their own path to becoming a changemaker.

Sound interesting? Read more details below, and fill out the applications to be either a mentor or mentee. Applications are due by Tuesday, April 22nd.

Mentee Application:

Mentor application:


The Net Impact Minneapolis Mentorship Program will:

  • Match mentees looking to make an impact with mentors who are experienced professionals making social or environmental impact – matches made, to the extent possible, based on shared interests;
  • Facilitate productive, valuable, and efficient one-on-one meeting sessions for mentors and mentees;
  • Convene larger events for all program participants, providing further opportunity for networking and interacting with individuals with common career interests;
  • Help mentees continue down their path to a rewarding career by providing access to advice, an expanded network, and new opportunities;
  • Provide mentors the opportunity to contribute to the growth of their field, foster emerging leaders, and strengthen their own knowledge;
  • And lay the ground for lasting relationships between mentors and mentees that extend beyond the length of the program.


Program Format

Mentors and mentees will be matched quarterly, kicking off with a social event to introduce participants. Participants will arrange time together on their own schedules – whether meeting once for coffee, monthly, or even weekly. (Participants are expected to meet for a minimum of one two-hour meeting.)

At the end of the quarter, each mentee will be asked to complete a short survey sharing their experience and learnings. We’ll end the year with another social event, bringing mentors and mentees back together to catch up and meet other participants.

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